Restoring unstructured,

outdoor play in your community.

The importance of unstructured,

outdoor play


Frequent outdoor play helps children build strong bones, improve cardiovascular endurance, and promote muscle development. Movement on the variety of surfaces that the natural environment presents also allows kids to strengthen their balance and coordination.


Unstructured, outdoor play has a tremendous amount of mental benefits for children including increased resilience and self-confidence. The flexibility allowed in an unstructured vs. structured setting provides kids with opportunities to be creative, problem solve, and apply higher-order thinking skills.


Nature play nurtures a calm and peaceful environment for children to interact with one another. They stumble upon new discoveries, and create interactions with each other they may not have been possible indoors. They embrace the wonder of the outdoors, and share that wonder with one another.

Our Team

Brian Lang

Executive Director

Brittany Lang

Director of Programs and Activities

Samuli Pentinniemi

Director of Training

Joonas Niemi

Director of Research

What We Do

Provide support to programs seeking to increase opportunities to for unstructured, outdoor play.
Educate communities on the importance of unstructured, outdoor play in kids’ lives.
Advocate for change in the public school system so that ALL children have opportunities during their school day for unstructured, outdoor play.

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Our Friends

Nature Kin

We exist to help you KIN-NECT the children in your life with the awe and wonder of the natural world!

Schools on the Move

Finnish Schools on the Move is a national action programme aiming to establish a physically active culture in Finnish comprehensive schools. Schools and municipalities participating in the programme implement their own individual plans to increase physical activity during the school day. More than 90% of municipalities and of comprehensive schools (2 116 schools) are involved in the programme.